Everything is good with Millys Maid

Kaa - Frankton -March 2019


What I like best about Millys Maid Service is they are reliable and friendly. 

C Rutherford - March 2019


It is nice coming home to a clean home, they do a great job. We are happy with the service.

S Elliott- Hamilton East -March 2019


What I like about Milly's Maid Service is... the care they take to put things back

B Germaine - Fairfield- Feb 2019


Your Maids are very nice,obliging and very hard working ladies.

C Stone - Te Kowhai - Feb 2019


What I like about Millys Maid  is the extra things that I don't do like wiping inside the microwave. Excellent home service and Professional

L Macfarlane - Cambridge - Feb 2019


I like that the ladies just "get on" with the job, So good to have the bathroom sparkling clean and floors mopped. Ladies are very professional.

M O'Halloran - Dec 2018


Coming home to a clean home, fresh bathrooms, the little touches are awesome being consistent with empty rubbish bins and fresh liners. Cleaning around drains in sinks

Joanne  - Queenwood - Dec 2018


Millys Maid are friendly, efficient, reliable, flexible around the baby. Overall impression is excellent

J Seeney - Te Kowhai -Dec 2018


Excellent Service. The satisfaction and quality of the cleaning is all excellent.

K Hokianga - Frankton 


What I like best about Milly's Maid is they give Excellent service.

Adrian - Waikato Office Products 


Really great cleaning.When I get home it looks amazing. Overall impression is excellent and Home service is excellent.

Rachel - Hamilton East 


The lovely ladies that come in to clean provide an excellent cleaning service with lovely smiles.

KBuilt - Te Rapa


Millys Maid is an excellent and reliable service.

Charlotte -Tamahere


I love coming home after work to a clean home. Excellent cleaning service

Louise - Cambridge


Millys Maid Service is very efficient. Very good service, excellent in bathroom and kitchen.

Clive - Te Kowhai 


I leave it all to Iris, SallyAnne, Davina, Meena - all Excellent!!

Jean - Cambridge


Ladies usually arrive with cheerful smiles, they do not muck around and finish the job in a brisk fashion. Very good service and quality

Rob - Hillcrest


As I have not been well, it is great to have everything looking so nice and clean and done so efficiently. Excellent service.

Rosalie - Cambridge


I have used the services of Millys Maid Services on a weekly basis since moving back to Cambridge in 2016.

The job is always done thoroughly and I can confidently recommend this company.

Adrian Clark – Cambridge


Your staff and company give a superb service. Only had you 1 month so far and can't believe the service IS MORE THAN WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

wow - fantastic

D Turner


We have used Millie’s Maids since they started in Cambridge and been impressed by their professional approach. 

It is so nice to come home and find the house clean and tidied and know that it has been done with care.

The Blakes


We recently got Milly's Maids to clean our house once we moved out.  We can't praise them enough, they were very thorough, even did a couple of jobs above and beyond what I had asked of them  (because I hadn't thought of it). Good to see that they used their initiative. 

Milly's Maids were professional, hard working and extra points for the chocolates they left us!  You won't regret using the services of Milly's Maids, we would definitely use them again.  

S. Stack, Hamilton


We receive great service from Milly's Maids, they provide a very thorough cleaning wherever it is needed, and always with a smile and chocolates! 

I highly recommend them.

K. Scott, Cambridge


I have used the cleaning services of Millys Maid for approximately one year after my wife suffered a severe stroke.

They are honest, efficient and extremely reliable. I never hesitate to leave them cleaning in the house if we have to leave for an appointment and can recommend them highly.  

R J Harper, Hillcrest, Hamilton